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Machalilla National Park


By:Charlotte Salinas

Machalilla National Park is a part of the National System of Protected Areas of Ecuador. On July 1979, it was declared National Part.It is located in the Province of Manabí in the cantons of Jipijapa, Puerto López y Montecristy, Machalilla.

This Park has an area of 750.6 km2 , It is one of the largest protected area of Ecuadorian coast, and the temperature is 230 C to 240 C.  This area is influenced of the Humboldt Current therefore has a tropical forest .

Machalilla Park has beautiful landscapes, beaches and bays. The main attraction of the park is “Isla de la Plata” (Silver Island), “Plata” means silver, but it is also how Ecuadorians commonly refer to money.  The legend told that much of this treasure was never claimed and is still hidden.

In this park we can find a wide variety of flora and fauna.  The marine and terrestrial areas are represented by 51 species of mammals, 270 birds and 143 fishes.

Among the most important mammals are Machin Colorado monkey, deer, ocelots, armadillos, anteaters squirrel, jaguar, bear, etc.  Some of them are endangered.  The bat is abundant and diverse, with 21 species.

In the area marine there are 12 mammal species primarily whales, dolphins and sea lions.  The most important is The humpback whales.

Every year from July through September these magnificent marine beings in danger of extinction visit our warm waters, here they give birth to their calves and mate again.

The most important birds are blue-footed boobies, pelicans, frigates and tucan.  There are several kinds of turtles and fishes.

The flora is very important for its variety, the kapok, acacia, laurel, ferns, orchids. Timber trees are threatened and are tagua and challah.

In this place we can find archaeological remains ancient cultures as Machalilla.

One of the main attractions of the park are Isla de la Plata and Friars Beach.  Here you can have fun climbing,  This beautiful area have hiking routes, bath with awesome sights.  You can visit this place with a tour guide and prohibited boot up plants, animals and marine resources.

I think you need to visit the Machalilla National Park because will be an unforgettable experience!!!


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