Posted by: sextobi2013 | June 21, 2013

Galapagos National Park



There exist a million of national parks in the world but the one that I liked the most is Galapagos national park.

Its located in Ecuador, pacific ocean over the equator it has four islands that are , the Isabella island , santa cruz island , Fernandina island , and santa fe island.

The Fauna that exist there are blue and red footed boobie , giant turtles , fishes , birds , pinguins , sharks , seals , iguans , pelicans , condors , tucans , etc.

The Flora thet exist there are cactus , lantana , hoja de cuero, manzanillo , tribulos , tiquilia , helechos , miconia , scalesia , margarita , etc.

In the national park you can go and do walks , diving , surfing , snorkeling , saw the terrestrial and marine animals , kayak , take pictures of the animals , plants , landscape , etc.

You can go to the park in airplane , or in boat but in boat is more difficult.

They have their own coffee the name of the coffee is Galapagos coffee , In the park lived the turtle more older of all the world , the landscape is the attraction more beautiful of Galapagos.

Ok know that you now what Flora , Fauna , Activities , routes , interesting facts ,etc. of the park what are you waiting for I weel be waiting here for you!


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