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NATIONAL PARK YASUNI by: Juan Fernando Higuera The


by: Juan Fernando Higuera

The National Park Yasuni is a Unique Park in the world that has record of more biodiversity in all South America and also has more endemic plants and animals. Yasuni has many biodiversity than Canada and United States of America together. Yasuni is the biggest park of Ecuador it is located in the region of Pastaza and Orellana at 250kms Of Quito. Yasuni has beautiful animals, plants and many activities to do for everybody.


Yasuni has as much biodiversity that the 95% of the surface of the park is vegetation and only a 5% is land .There are many animals and plants like 400 species of plants 2000 species of trees like palm tree, balsa tree, cedars a tree used to make cloths for low temperatures, 450 species of lians, 300 species of ephytities like mosses, orquids, linches a fungus that is used to make secondary Colors, and 800 of ferns, and it also has many animals like 204 mammals like spider monkey, red titi monkey, ocelots, giant anteater an animal in danger of extinction, 630 birds like, harpy eagle, scarlet macaw, masked crimson an animal that red and black is little and is beautiful,  272 endemically animals like giant otter , Manti, pink dolphin  an endemical animal only fonded in Yasuni.

delfin rosado_colombiapordescubrir

In Yasuni there are many things you can do like swimming, eating, travel in canoe, to go on a boat, meet the tribes like Shuar, Achuar, and Waorani. If you want to go to Yasuni you have to take an airplane to Francisco de Orellana and take a canoe to Yasuni. Something important is that if you want to go in car you have to go to the city Francisco de Orellana and go in canoe through the river Napo and Curaray because there are no ways to Yasuni ,but you can go in canoe, but I recommend to go in airplane because is faster and easy.

Francisco de Orellana Ecuador

Large old trees surround the swimming hole


Yasuni is a unique park of the world that has many biodiversity. When you are there you cannot describe what you see is amazing is different of what you see every day is an extraordinary experience. I think this park is beautiful. With his own nature and activities to do. I recommend people to go there. Yasuni the best park ever!

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