Posted by: sextobi2013 | June 21, 2013

Visiting National Park Cotopaxi

Visiting National Park Cotopaxi

By: José Antonio Cajiao

In Ecuador, you can visit many places such as national parks, waterfalls, rivers, spectacular beaches, mountains and nature sanctuaries, but I strongly recommend you to visit the Cotopaxi National Park.

The zone of Cotopaxi volcano was declared a national park in 1975; rising majestically at 60 kilometers southbound of Ecuador’s capital city, there is a perfect cone shaped volcano named Cotopaxi (5.943 meters), which in indigenous tongues, means “piece of the moon.”

Here you can find animals, such as: llamas, mountain goats, rabbits and wolfs of snow. All those animals are so cute, but you have to be careful. Some of them could bite, spit or kick you, auch!……..terrible. Straw is the grass predominant in the region. As one moves,  appear plants as chuquiragua, alchemila, mosses, lichens, romelios,  quishuar, mortiño and orchids which are so beautiful.  In the snow there is no vegetation.


The most popular routes and activities in the park, are in the mountain.  You can go on the best route you have ever seen, if you are in good physical shape, of course.  It´s the route to the second shelter. It´s majestic,  but you need a few things you must carry with you, like climbing shoes, pikes,eyeglases, food provisions and climbing equipment, if you want to go any further ……to the top….yes, to the top of the mountain which it’s pretty cool,  you have to go………….. and the activities there, awesome!

The climbing to the second shelter is pretty long, but when you get there, the most delicious hot chocolate is waiting for you or a hot chicken soup, if you prefer. Well, being honest, in normal conditions, it is a simple, instant chocolate, plain. But, after a hard walking,  you get to the shelter so tired and dehydrated, that you find this sweet chocolate, as one of the world´s best. Near to the volcano, there are lakes, lava beds and big rocks as a result of ancient eruptions.

 In summary, spectacular mountain scenery with sparkling white glaciers at the top of the volcano. This is Cotopaxi National Park, I strongly recommend visit this site and enjoy a nice day with your family as the way I did, a few months ago.


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