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In one of the most active volcanic regions in earth is located an extraordinary place called Galapagos national park one of the wonder things on earth. This park was established in 1959 and started oerating in 1968. It is Ecuadors first  national park. A place where tourist like to spend time. It is a very relaxing place and unique in all the world.  This national park is going to give you amazing experiences that you can share with your friends or with your family. This park is extraordinary and fantastic, whwn you go there you will not want to come back. The Galapagos national park has a variety of animals, you can find invertebrates, reptiles, birds, and also mammals. Some examples of the animals you can find there are whales, tortoises, dolphins, pelicans, manta rays, sharks, frigate, sea lions, penguins, lava lizard, iguanas, red and blue footed boobies, nazca boobies, etc. You can also find plants like orchids, cactus, daisies, ferns, plants of fruits, etc.


In this place you can do fantastic activities like paddle, take photos, hike, swin, bike, etc. To go and do the activities  I am going to give you some routes Reserve Darwin and center of Tortugas babies is near the port og ayora, of Baltra island to port ayora you have do bike until Seymour. With this routes I think you can visist the islands is important to know where you are.

The archipielago is made of volcanic rocks, it was known by the Nasa, it is located in one of the most active volcanic regions,the volcano wolf is one of the highest volcano in Galapagos, Galapagos history started three to five millions years ago, when the firts tips og the Galapagos volcanos raised the sea surface. Galapagos is a marine reserve and a national park that we have to protected because it is important for our environment. Please visit this fantastic place. Visitors to Galapagos are more foreign tourists, who are very happy to see one of the wonders of the word.



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