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Visiting national park Llanganates

Llanganates national park

BY:Nicole Armendáriz

Llanganates National Park is a protected area in Ecuador situated in the Cotopaxi Province, Napo Province, Pastaza Province and Tungurahua Province.The name, “llanganates” supposedly comes from “beautiful mountain” in Quechua. Located within the park is the similarly named Cerro Hermoso which means “beautiful mountain” in Spanish. The park is famous for the Treasure of the Llanganatis.The park can be access from a number of directions, but visitors usually come by way of towns like Salcedo, Patate, Pillaro, Baños, and Rio Verde.  


 The park is divided into two ecological zones, the western zone and the eastern zone. The western zone is located in the Andean páramo, high above the eastern zone. Here, visitors find a deserted landscape of mountainous peaks and high valleys. The area is populated mainly by South American camelids like vicuñas, llamas and alpacas.
 The eastern zone is located on the eastern flanks of the Andes. Here visitors find a rich diversity of plants and animals among the twisted forests of the upper Amazon. This area is highly unreachable, and is usually traversed only by foot. The large number of rivers, emptying out the Andes also makes this area difficult to cross.
Every National Park has many  types of fauna and flora. In this park the common plants are: sanchezia cericea, clibudium microcephalum,  espelatia pycnophylla subspecie .Llanganates, begonia consobrina, draba aretiroides, zapoteca pfii, and espidedrum imitants and calamagrotis llanganatis.
The animals that you can find there are: pava curada, ,llamas, monkeys, tapirs, tucan andino pechigris and  pechinegro, halcon pechinaranja,etc. Some of these animals are in danger of extinction like the condor Andino, wolfs, tucans and many other animals.
If you go in car you have to only go  to the parking zone the other part you have to go walking.
The activities that you can do is canopy,kayak and walk for hours alone or with tribes of the park.

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