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Biodiversity in the world is very important. Rigth? One of the biodiversities in the world is in the Yasuní National Park in Ecuador! This National Park is located between the provices of Pastaza and Orellana. It’s tha larger National Park in this little country. This park protect endergered species of Ecuador for the next generations. Is has a size that more or less is 9820 square kilometers. This National Park has the Napo River and also the Curaray river. Keep reading.

Some animals that live here in the park are: Jaguars, Capuchine Monkeys, Red Frogs, Black Frogs, Frogs (multicolor), Snakes, Owls, Parrots, Multicolor Butterflies, Crocodiles, Lizards, Spiders, Monkeys, Tigrillos, Tapirs, Lazy Bears, Water Turtles, Ground Turtles, etc. There are like 1762 species of trees in all the park, but maybe there are like 2244 species of trees in all the park. Only in one section of the park there were found like 644 species of trees. there was also registrated more than 450 species of lianas. there are also flowers and palm trees. Some of this plants and animals that live here are endengered like the jaguars and the monkeys.



In this National Park, you can only do camping and wik because there aren’t some many montains were you can climb or ski. You can olso fish and navigate in this huge rivers (Napo and Curaray Rivers). You can also sing the typical song near to the flame.

You can get to the park by getting to the city of “El Puyo” and then you go in the highway E45 and in the first intersection you turn to the rigth, then you go straight and in the second intersection you go to the right and then you get to the park.

I will recomend you that, if you go there, be carefull. why? because there is a war beetwen the Huaoranis and the Taromenanes. This war started because one day, early years before, the Huaoranis took a girl of 15 years old (menber of Taromenanes). Then, they started the war.

Another interesting fact, is that, some studentes from the Yale Institute University, found a fungi that can save the world! Why? Because this fungi dregrades the plastic and without plastic, there isn’t contamination in the world anymore! Epic, right?

This park is in endengered because many people destroys the trees to get the petroleum that is underground. That’s why this park is endengered.

I will recomend you yo visit this National Park because the fauna is beatiful and flora also. Getting there is eady by routes from El Puyo to pass in family, don’t do ski cause there aren’t montains to ski.

I will also recomend you to get some of that fungis to degrade your own plastic to save the world!

I will recomend you to visit it!






  1. muy buena recomendación. Estas vacaciones visitare el parque Yasuni

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