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Visiting Sumaco National Park

Visiting Sumaco National Park

By: Stephanie Andrade

The Sumaco National Park is one of the most biological diverse area of Ecuador and also is one of the few areas of the world. This park is located in the northeast of the Andes mountains between the provinces of Napo and Orellana. This park was created on March 2nd, 1994. If you like the animals and the plants and if you want you visit it and i will give you some routes to go there. This park is amazing and is full of adventures with a variety of flora and fauna i wish you like this park.


The November 10th, 2000 the Unesco declared The National Park Sumaco-Napo-Galeras and its for influence to the international category ”biosphere reserve”. This park has an area around where about 80.000 in habitats of which 70% is of quichua and 30% are mestizos settlres. This region is one of the few areas of the world that brings together in a small space of variety of vegetation or life zone , ranging from from the Andean Highland to the amazon basin.


This park has a lot of animals and plants. Animals are amazing and special and there are many types of plants that you never had seen like: jaguars, tapirs, ocelots, otters, telescope bear and multi  colored birds like tucans, danangers, hummingbirds. In this park there are many types of that are amazing and fabolous like: balsa trees, tasty tagua palm, and dragon’s bloods trees if you like to know more of this park you can visit it with your family. this park has a lot of vegetation because of the soil. I wish you like the animals and plants.

Imagen   Imagen

  Here you can do many activities like: look the flora and fauna, researching, petography and camping. This park has many rivers, mountain scenery, cloud forest, deep cayons and high and low jungles. Sumaco volcano which is the highest elevation of the provinces that are at the center of Sumaco-Napo-Galeras and the lagoon.


There are two routes to go to Sumaco-Napo-Galeras National Park, the first route is via Baeza-Chace-Reventador which surrounds the western part of the park. The second route is via Gonelochi-Loreto-Coca which is at the south part of the park.


this park is a beautiful preserve that keep going good if you like to go to camp you can but i really recomend you to go to this because is a very amazing and fabolous place that  you have to go i wish that you like this park and consider to go there and have a extreme adventure in park.




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