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Galapagos national park

Galapagos national park is the most important park in Ecuador. It is very important to the world too because it has a lot of endemic plants and animals and animals in danger, that is why Galapagos islands is visited by tourist of all over the world . I believe tourist should go to Galapagos because of its interesting history, fun activities easy access and most of all because of its great flora and fauna

Located in Ecuador at 1000 kilometers from the coast Galapagos Islands have 13 big islands 5 medium islands and 215 small islands. The big islands names are


Santa cruz



San cristobal

Floreana marchena



It is a province Ecuador

The population of Galapagos province is 26640 in the last census It has 3 cantons San Cristobal Isabela and Santa Cruz .The capital is Puerto ayora

Galapagos history is very interesting for humans. It was discover by Tomas de Berlanga in 1535.

During the years 1593 until 1816 it was use by many pirates and whalers in the year 1832 the government of Ecuador claimed the islands of Galapagos .But the most important traveler that went to Galapagos was Charles Darwin in 1835 and this visit help him in the writing of his  theory of the evolution in the origen of species .In 1959 it was declared national park and in 1978 was declared

Natural preserve in 2007 UNSECO declared Galapagos islands in the lists of danger human world protection places.

Access to Galapagos is by plane there are 2 airports 1 in the island of Baltra near Santa Cruz  and one in San Cristobal but if you want to see the islands it is recommended to take a cruise ship if  you are Ecuadorian the plane ticket is very cheap

The most important sides in Galapagos are Puerto Ayora  from where  you can take a tour to visit the beach of the Germans , the small island of the sea wolfs and the beach were the sea iguanas live. Then visit to the Charles Darwin investigation center is recommended there you can sea the many types of Galapagos turtles until last year you could see lonely George on the sea you can visit isla Isabela with boobies Galapagos hawk and penguins. The most important sides are very few because most of the islands are protected

In Galapagos many activities can be done  like relaxing on a beach , hiking and saling.

But one of the most popular activities is scuba diving it is consider one of the best scuba sides in the world .Another  great activity is bird watching .All this activities are interesting because of the fauna and flora of the islands the main endemic animals are the Galapagos turtles or giant turtles some land iguanas and sea iguanas that feed  on fish there are also sea lions endemic to the region .Birds are also many in Galapagos the most popular is the red and blue footed boobies and endemic penguins.

Galapagos is protected because it is very important to the world ,t should be visited by Ecuadorians to preserve its value. One of the reasons Galapagos is in danger I human interaction pirates use to feed one galapagos turtles and the introduction of animals has put endemic eespecies in denger that is why we should preserve our national and preserve park.

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