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MACHALILLA NATIONAL PARK By: Steven LamiñoMachalilla National Park is an ecuadorian


By: Steven Lamiño

Machalilla National Park is an ecuadorian preserve area. This important park is in Manabí province, near PUERTO LÓPEZ and the rural parish of Machalilla. The park is also an archeological site . it was established in 1979.


The Machalilla National Park is visited for its uniqueness, diverse landscape of 55,000 hectare park incorporates a variety of types of terrain from beaches to fog forest as well as two large islands and several smaller ones .

Machalilla´s beach

This amazing place is ver rich in flora and fauna we can find a lot of species of birds like: blue and red footed boobies, fragates, albatrosses. This place is a natural habitat of mammals too , like: armadillos , jaguars , monkeys , ocelots , guanta , deers,etc. But the most atractive show for national and foreign visitors is the presence of back whales (this whales are the biggest animals in the world  , they weight aproximately 40  tons , they are powerful  swimmers , they are very known for their  magical songs , wich travel for great distances through the world´s oceansduring the months  of  June  to  August   every   years, they come to this part of the world  only to couple. We can  observe dolphins too, this animals to belong  the cetaceans family.

Back whales

In the park we can find : the ceibo and the  algarrobo, the palo santo this  wood  emits  a delicious  fragance,  cactus, etc. There is vegetation that is  typical of tropical rainforest. 

Ceibo tree

There are  many activities in The  National  Park you can do, for example  visitors like to practice  scuba diving , surfing,  biking, trekking, snorkeling, bird  watching, camping, etc.

hang gliding

There  are also tours to ISLA  DE LA  PLATA , SALANGO and  SAN SEBASTIAN   islands . This islands are  ideal  for ecotourism adventure. The regular tours to Machalilla National Park  have a minimum  of 2 days and leave from the city of Manta towards  the  south.


The  Salango Island  is also called  The Ahorcados Island. The community  have an Investigation Center and a Museum, in  wich  realized studies and showed objects founded in archeological sites of the zone. The museum have an original collection of ceramic objects. Their master pieces became lighter, more colorful, more polished, iridescent and shopisticated.

Archaelogists have found reminds of   Manteña, Chorera, Valdivia,  Machalilla  and Guangala  cultures.  The tropical rainforest, in wich people lived, provided natural resources needed to develop a strong farming and fishing. Most people spent the time cultivating corn, squash, cassava, tomatoes and beans.  People of this cultures were inspired by the beauty of nature and its elements.


I sugget people to visit this Machalilla National Park because you can observe amazing landscapes, you can practice a lot of activities like extreme sports, and the history of some cultures that lived there.

Definetely this is an amazing place!





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