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by: Gabriel A. Contreras

Cajas has a beautiful paradise with lakes and mountains; it is formed mainly by large elevation in the form of boxes. Its climate is very varied, frequent frosts occur and permanent presence of drizzle and fog and it has an ecosystem of paramo.  The park is a paradise for lovers of sport fishing, which can be found in the lagoons.

Cajas National Park is located on the Occidental Mountain Range of the Ecuadorian South Andes. It is located 30 km of the north east of Cuenca the capital of the province of Azuay.  It has an area of 28,544 hectares and has over 235 small lakes and ponds.

The most outstanding richness of Cajas National Park is its shortcomings. The gaps give rise to rivers and Tomebamba Yanuncay, running through the city of Cuenca. The Tomebamba potable water supplies require the city and its surroundings.

It was declared a National Park on 5 November 1996 on the archeological value of the area and rich in flora and fauna. On the eastem edge of the park is a subalpine rain forest, composed mainly of tree species and shrubs with great diversity of orchids, fens and mosses. There is also Polylepis forest or paper tree grows at the edge of ponds or streams.

There is white deer, bear of eyeglasses, puma, jaguarondi, paramo deer, rabbit, the Andean tapir, wolf of the paramo and flame. We also find birds like the caracara, the condor, the Andean toucan, ducks and hummingbirds as well as water mouse and the trout.

In Cuenca you go to the Pucuro straight; then go to the San Fernando city; you can take 1 hour to arrive on National Park Cajas.  It is funny and interesting to learn and know the routes. The activities that you can do is rafting, guided tours, hiking, biking, horseback riding to enjoy the exotic scenery, camping, fishing, mountain climbing, river ride or tell stories about dinosaurs or horror stories night every day.

It is wonderful to know that throughout the world there are national parks that fill us with life and provide us with oxygen. We can see forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, volcanoes with white tips with the sun’s rays dazzle us; also admire amazing animals.
For all this it is important to care for our parks, and we provide clean air and a better quality of life for all living beings.

¡So I recommend visiting Cajas National Park, it is one of the wonders of Ecuador!


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