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Visiting Sangay National Park

Visiting Sangay National Park

By: Pedro Jose Moncayo

The biodiversity is an important thing, I know of a place where biodiversity is seen by people. Is the National Park Sangay declared by the UNESCO heritage of the humanity in the year 1983 in the “natural” category. Has an extension of 517.765 hectares and is located in the provinces of: Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Cañar and Morona Santiago. Covers various ecosystems like the subtropical jungle of the orient, the cloud forests of the foothills of the range, Andean forests params and glaciers. The park has a lot of lagoons like: Atillo, Ozogoche, El Altar, Black lagoon, Culebrillas, Sardinayacu are the most importants. A huge extence hydrographic network cross the park and it becomes in a huge zone charged of unique ecosystems. One part of the territorie of the park is occupied of Quichuas indigenous communities of origin Puruhuá and Salasaca in the highlands and by Shuaras and Colons of the Azuay and Cañar in the orient.


The flora is a huge part of the park vegetation.The 45% are orchids and bromelies.The species of plants are more than 500.They get up magistic three volcanoes of spectacular scenic beauty: the Sangay that gave the name to the park that presents three craters were it emits gases constantly; its conical shape and beauty without comparation can be appreciate of the city the Puyo.The Tungurahua active and reactivated recently; El Altar” it is off” one of the most beauty of the Andes.Formerly it recibed the name of“Cupac Urco” that means “Sublime Mountains”. In its crater is enclosed the yellow lagoon one of the most important attractive. The vertebrates have 500 of species, birds with 343 species, mammals with 100, amphibians with 25 and reptiles with 14 species. The endangered animals are: spectacled bear, mountain tapir and the short tailed porcupine. The endemic birds are: Alasable of Napo and the Andean Condor. By the altitudinal range of this park there we found a very mixed fauna: of mammals: danta, bear, tigrillo, jaguar, giant otter; of birds; Andean hummingbird, condor, cock of the rock, giant hummingbird (the most big of the world), duck buzzer, king vulture; reptiles and fish.

Besides there are many activities that you can do like: Climb: “Cumbre of Cánongo”, visit the lagoon of Sardinayacu, visit the sented of eriances of alpacas Azarantuye, visit the lagoon of Atillo and ride in horse in the sector of Atillo.

The route to get there is by the roads Baños-Riobamba-Azogues. Puyo-Macas and by the Guamote-Macas that it enters in the park.

Been the national park Sangay national heritage is our right like persons take care, participating of the programs and projects to preserve the natural resources and keep this beautiful park that helps like attraction to tourists nationals and foreighs, who also have the obligation of obey the limitations existed in the park like this conserve and prevent that suffers irreversible damage.


“Ecuador terra incógnita” Magazine


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