Posted by: sextobi2013 | June 23, 2013

Cotopaxi national park

by:Benjamín Israel Márquez Robalino

Cotopaxi national park is located in Cotopaxi and Pichincha. It  was the first park to be founded in mainland of Ecuador and the second in the country. Cotopaxi is the home of many pines, this park is interesting to many people because it is near to the higher volcano of Ecuador. You have to take care of it to don’t be a snowslide. It has 33.390 hectares that include flora and fauna that is part of the region. The national park is a wonderful place to be with your family and  have fun.

The national park is nearest to the volcano and has the lake Limpiopungu you are going there you have to be prepared and bring the equipement to hold the cold and sometimes the hostil wheather. Cotopaxi is a volcano with snow but it is active so it can explote, there are people that leave there they have little houses.

Animals, nature are the best things of Cotopaxi national park. There are many animals such as foxes, white deer, bear, condors, rabbits and pigs. Yo can observe many kinds of flora for examplepines, chuquiragua, pajonales, stipaichu, alenemila, liken and romeros there is cold but the plants and animals are the most beautiful things there.   

In Cotopaxi national park you have some activities to do like hikkin, walking or visit the lake.  There are some ways to arrive to the national park. If you have a good physical you can go walking, but if you are going with family you can bring your car. Also a good way to know the national park is travel on train. It is very dangerous to go but that is not a problem because there are shelters. The experts can guide you and help you to cross the reserve or clim the Cotopaxi volcano.

Cotopaxi is an active volcano and the most heist in Ecuador. In the world there are many national parks  but Cotopaxi is something that you will not imagine, there have everything  in just a little piece of land. You can find volcanic rocks that now are part of the national park and also vegetation near from the lake.   

The animals, the nature and all the peace is in Cotopaxi national park so visit it now!  



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