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Llanganates national parkDo you want to visit a

Llanganates national park

Do you want to visit a National Park in Ecuador? You have many options for example you can go to Galapagos National Park or another good idea could be Cotopaxi National park but I recommend Llanganates National Park.

Llanganates National Park is a protected area in Ecuador, located in the provinces of Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, Napo, and Pastaza.

It park was founded in 18 January, 1996 and has a length of 219.707 hectares.

The park is divided in two parts, half of it is located in mountains and the other half in the Amazon region, for this reason some animals of the Amazon go to mountains and some mountain animals go to the Amazon. These animals move around this area, so the loss or increase their fur to be adapted to the climate.


The animals that you can find there are: pava curada, wolfs, llamas, monkeys, tapirs, tucan andino pechigris, tucan andino pechinegro, tangara Montana enmascarada, halcon pechinaranja, glalarita carilunada, and the condor Adino.


Some of these animals are in danger of extinction like the condor Andino, wolfs, tucans and many other animals


You can go in car until the parking zone. In summer it is permitted to use the car a little more, but in winter is totally prohibited and the only way to enter the park is walking.

An interesting fact of this park it is that every day at 2:00 pm a lot of birds fly in the sky and this is amazing an experience for tourists.

Some activities that you can do there are canopy; callak extreme and walking’s with tribes of the park 






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