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Sumaco National Park by David García

Sumaco National Park


Sumaco National Park is located in the heart of the Amazon Ecuadorian Region, between the   provinces of Napo and Orellana, it consist of isolated mountain ranges of the Andes, the Sumaco volacano Galeras mountain range, it covers an area of 205.249 ha, in the park you can admire the Sumaco volcano as if I was in your hands alcanse,  It is a well preserved and little explored, there exists perfect conditions for the development of a wide diversity of flora and fauna, as well as high endemism.


The animals in the national park are beautiful, the snakes are the most recognized animal of the park and the tigers are the kings because in the park they are the strongest animal , and there are many types of little animals.


In terms of wildlife that inhabits the Sumaco National Park area we can highlight some species such as tapir, jaguar, ocelot, spectacled bear, otter, and also some colorful birds like toucans, hummingbirds, tanagers and also a lot of reptiles. In total it is estimated that there are about a 654 bird species and some 470 fish species in this reserve.                                                      Among the most important forest species are cedar, colorado, porotillo, copal, among the palms, we have the chonta and chambira, used for food, housing construction and crafts.


This National Park offers visitors  mountain scenery, cloud forests, deep canyons, jungle rivers, and a variety of climate depending on the altitude: rainy subtropical and temperate. This is a protected area has many attractions: adventure, ascent the Sumaco volcano ,photography and camping. You can do many activities:  walk in the trails , do a picnic with the family ,ride a bike in the mountain , camp in the trails, visit the ruins and the most important is that you can breathe pure air and have contact with the nature , the animals and the plants that live here.


Sumaco National park is an ecological park in which the whole family can have fun and may know the flora and fauna of this wonderful place and is especially Ecuadorian tourist place we all should know.





David Garcia  



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