Posted by: sextobi2013 | June 23, 2013


      By: Juan Andrés Montenegro           


Declared a world biosphere reserve by Unesco on May 28, 2013, described by famous people with excellent outlines, it is the national park “El Cajas”. It was established as a park in 1996. Its borders are: El Oro, Loja, Zamora Chinchipe, Guayas and Cañar. The name of “El Cajas” is given by the shapes of the mountains there. Three Spanish sites accompany to “El Cajas” in a world network biosphere reserve. The park was visited by Alexander von Humboldt in 1818 who described it very surprised talking about something new and marvelous for him. There are lots of lakes, much vegetation and animals, many routes to go and a lot fun activities to do. This park is an exotic and spectacular place in Ecuador you should visit.

One of the reasons “El Cajas” is considered a world biosphere reserve is because of its incredible flora and fauna. The Condor is the most representative animal in “El Cajas”, it is endanger with only 50 of them in Ecuador. The most dangerous animal there is the red poisonous snake; we need to be careful with them. The most attractive animals there are: rabbits, cougars, deers, bears, cervicabra etc.                                                                          There are also wonderful plants here like: sharashima, oreotrochilus, shrubberies and the most important, the quinoa tree and the most dangerous, fences. The flora and fauna is an incredible thing of “El Cajas” all people need to know.                                            The national park “El Cajas” is not only reconized by its flora and fauna.                                                                     

There you can do some fun and awesome activities like: climbing with experts helping you, fishing and then eating what you fish, camping in protected areas and birdwatching that is a wonderful activity.                                                                                          In the national park “El Cajas” there exist 235 lakes some of them are Lagartococha, Osohuayco, Mamamag and Taitachungo.                                                                                       If you don´t know how to get there here are some routes you can take if you are in car:              -Loja: you pass Cañar, Panam, Cesar Vallejo and it takes 2h. 41m. 176,4 km.                          –Esmeraldas: you pass Santo Domingo, Quevedo, Babahoyo, Guayaquil and it takes 8h. 562,2 km.                                                                                                                                                             –Quito: you pass Latacunga, Ambato, Riobamba and it takes 6h. 437,2 km.                          –Guayaquil: you pass only Duran and it takes 2h. 41m. 176,4 km.                                            

This park is one of millions, but its flora and fauna is amazing, the activities are awesome, the vegetation is enormous, the facts and the stories there are really interesting, so give yourself an opportunity and visit this brilliant place of nature. Just the national park “El Cajas”



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