Posted by: sextobi2013 | June 23, 2013

Yasuní National Park


Yasuni  National park is located in Napo and Pastaza between Cararay rivers. It has an area of 9820 Km.

It has also a long and diverse   extension of animals and plants.  This park has a hundred fifty amphibians, three hundred eighty two  species of fishes knowed, five hundred nighty six species of birds also, one hundred thousand species of insects, a hundred  twenty one documented species of reptiles, one hundred seventeen species of bats and three thousand   species of plants and   two hundred species of mushrooms also.


The activities you are able   to do in the Yasuní National park is a long list including: walk, climb,  bicycling, camping, explore, canoeing, seeing birds, etc.

One of the routes you can find there is:

* Lagoon of Tambococha

There has been extensive controversy over the construction of oil roads by Texaco for the exploration and production of petroleum within the park. Famous scientists including Jane Goodall, E.O. Wilson, and Stuart Pimm have protested against this construction for the environmental risks.

Since June 2007, the Ecuadorian government has been promoting the Yasuní-ITT Initiative, a proposal that seeks to leave the Ishpingo – Tiputini -Tambococha (ITT) oil fields untapped under the core of Yasuni National Park in exchange for compensation from the international community for lost revenue.  The government will receive, in turn, an international compensation fund equivalent to at least of 50% of the profits that it would receive were it to exploit the reserves, and in addition the Government is promoting the oil research to produce the oil using alternative ways without work inside the park.




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