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Llanganates national park/Nicole Alulema

A peaceful place, with hidden treasures, and a huge home for animals and plants, it is the Llanganates National Park.

Llanganates was founded as a national park in May 19, 1996. It has thousands of animals and plants; it is like a natural wildlife refuge .It is described as unknown and mysterious lands. It is located in the provinces of: Tungurahua, Cotopaxi, Napo, and Pastaza, but Tungurahua and Napo are the ones that have the hugest part of the park.

Llanganates National Park is the home of hundreds of animals and plants. It has deep valleys, rivers, and lots of waterfalls.

In the park you can find pumas, tapirs, weasels, spectacled bear, cervicabra, whitetail deer, wolf, sacha cuy, wild rabbit, night monkey, mouse of Andes.

There are more than 300 birds, but the main birds are: condor, patrige, quinde of Chimborazo, puffleg pechodorado and two types of humming birds: humming bird boy pants and the purple tail green humming bird.

This amazing park with unique flora and fauna will be a great adventure.

Bird watching through the beautiful trails is one of the major touristic attractions, but also you can camp, visit the lakes, enjoy the ride and take advantage of community tourism where you can share the knowledge of local people. Among its touristic attractions, this park has: waterfalls and nature trails, tarabitas that have made this special place and visited by domestic and foreign tourists.

Llanganates National Park is located 60 km north-east of the city of Ambato, on the way to. Other way to get there is going from Salcedo (Salcedo-Tena road), Patate, Baños, Green river, Black River, and Mera.  

Because it is a remote destination, it is recommended to contact a travel agency or tour operator.

The Cordillera de los Llanganates within the park, is known since ancient times due to the myth of the treasure of Atahualpa. They say that in these majesties a treasure is buried. The Cordillera has also the house of the history and legend of General Rumiñahui, who in a heroic struggle, safeguarded the treasures of the Kingdom of Quito. Llanganates in Quechua voice is read llaganati and means “beautiful hill”. 

The Incas turned the Llanganates in a ceremonial or “Huaca” very important, and extracted gold from its mountains creating a road infrastructure that today can be seen from the remains preserved.

The park Llanganates have been declared a “Gift to the Earth” because it has flora and fauna that caught the interest of scientists for being strange in the world, so it is important and necessary to conserve all native species in this place so that it remains a remarkable tourist attraction and preservation of the global ecosystem.

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